Session Time Change

Effective Wednesday October 25th, all Wednesday sessions times will be changed. 

Star 3 and up will skate from 4-5:15 and Star Skate 1 and 2 will skate from 5:15-6:30.  

Overlaping the enhancement and skaters on this session has created a safety concern with so many skaters on the ice.  Due to the large volume of skaters registered on Wednesday nights, the coaches and board have decided to cancel the enhancement overlap and shorten each session by 15 minutes.  The loss of 15 mins of ice will result in a $50 refund for all skaters affected by this change.  

If you have any questions about this change feel free to contact Melissa Bagley, your coach or a board member. 

Gold Test Skaters 2016-2017

Congratulations to the following skaters for completing their Skate Canada gold tests this year.  Your hard work and dedication has paid off!  

(L-R) Amy Brough - gold skills, gold free, gold interpretive
Jay Chen - gold dance, gold free
Taylor O'Brien - gold dance
(Front Centre) Grace Jewett - gold interpretive

Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club

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Get the inside edge by checking out our site for any information you may need.  A monthly CanSkate newsletter and calendar are always available on the left side of our Home Page. We are very excited to offer online registration to our members.  Register your skaters from the comforts of your home! 

TBFSC has been participating in a Skate Canada Canskate pilot program for the last fewr years. The program has been deemed successful and now, Skate Canada has introduced this CanSkate program to the rest of the skating clubs in Canada. We welcome all CanSkate participants back to our program.  We were very excited to be invited to be a part of this pilot program and we are looking forward to continuing on with our fun and upbeat CanSkate sessions!  Register your child today!                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Thunder Bay Figure skating Club

If you have any further questions feel free to contact any of our board members. We wish all of our skaters a fun and successful skating season!  

All CanSkate skaters must wear a proper helmet.